Research Technician NKI Protein Facility and Proteins4Oncode

Research Technician NKI Protein Facility and Proteins4Oncode

Jouw functie

The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital (AvL) - Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) is an internationally renowned Cancer Centre where both cancer patients are being treated and top-level cancer research is being performed. The NKI hosts multiple research groups where various aspects of cancer biology (e.g genetics, immunology, structural biology, cell biology, etc.) are being explored. The focus is both on fundamental aspects of cancer but also on clinical and translational research to promote implementation of new results/treatments into clinical practice.
A number of specialised core facilities has been established over the years to support the research groups with their experimental work. The NKI Protein facility is one of these facilities and provides support for the expression, purification and characterisation of proteins to both internal (NKI) as well as external academic researchers. The Protein facility is part of the Division of Biochemistry and shares the lab space and equipment with two Structural Biology groups. The facility is currently looking for a research technician with strong interest in protein production (and characterisation) to complement the team.
Oncode is an independent institute dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice. The Proteins4Oncode facility will support Oncode researchers with expressing and purifying proteins, characterising them (quality control), and crystallising them for X-ray analysis. It will also help researchers measure protein interactions with other proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and small molecules. Finally, the facility supports Oncode researchers in setting up and optimising activity assays.

Job description
The research technician will contribute to the various projects that are taken by the facility, with a focus on supporting projects from Oncode researchers. The main task will be to express recombinant proteins in bacteria, insect cells (using baculovirus) and mammalian cells, followed by purification using automated chromatography procedures (FPLC). Purified proteins are being used for various purposes, including structural studies, as reagents for assays, drug screening and as antigen for raising antibodies. Upon proven interest and qualification, the tasks may be expanded to various biochemical and biophysical characterization techniques, especially the ones related to quality control (thermal stability assays) and protein crystallisation. The tasks within the facility can be performed independently to some extent, but will also include training and/or collaboration with customers that would like to learn the techniques and contribute to their own projects. The experiments will be documented accurately and communicated with the customers of the facility.

Jouw profiel

  • If you are interested in this position and meet the following requirements, we would like to invite you to apply.
  • You have a bachelor or master degree in biology, biomedical sciences or biochemistry (HLO or University level)
  • You have strong affinity (preferably hands-on experience) with cell culture, recombinant protein expression and protein purification
  • Motivation to learn and apply biophysical methods is an advantage
  • You get inspired by working on various projects
  • Customer service-oriented
  • You are a precise worker with a good sense of responsibility
  • You have good communication skills, both in Dutch and English

Jouw ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden en arbeidsvoorwaarden

We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic research technician. You will join a team of 4 people but will work in a lab that hosts about 20 other researchers of various nationalities, in a friendly and inspiring environment. The employment will be for a period of at least 1 year, with the possibility for extension. The gross salary per month will be from € 2.251,- to € 3.664,- according to the FWG-function groups 45-50, depending on education and previous experience. The terms of employment will be in accordance with the CAO Ziekenhuizen (Collective Labour Agreement for Hospitals) and also includes an End-of-Year bonus.

Contact informatie

For further information about the position, please contact Dr. Patrick Celie ( and/or Prof. Anastassis Perrakis ( or check the website.
Further details about the Protein facility can be found at

We would be pleased to receive your application online, via the website of the NKI: